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How the adventure began!

The adventure started when Simona Spagnoli and Sarah Asher were picking up their kids from school in 2005 in Atlanta. Hailing from opposite sides of the globe – Simona from Italy, Sarah from Florida - who would have thought they would meet and become soul sisters. They created Sun in My Soul in 2017 because they both feel so strongly about approaching all life’s conditions with a positive attitude. Sarah puts the S in Sun because she shines so bright and Simona puts the S in Soul because she believes in inner peace. The mission of Sun in my Soul is to spread joy, love, and compassion. By outfitting yourself with one of our t-shirts you can help us complete our mission. Join our “probiotic” tribe. Your own shining sun is in there, it just needs to be ignited.
Simona and Sarah are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT® 200). They completed together their training in 2018 with Leigh Mallis @ Pranic Soul Yoga. Simona is also a Reiki Master.